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Inspired by nature and nurtured by the transcendent Creator, Tish creates work that offers one a place to journey outwardly and explore inwardly.

Growing up in the lush Midwest drew Tish’s vision in close. Through intense, exploration of moss beds, hollowed out trees and leaf piles Tish discovers intriguing places to travel. Imagining that she is small and can crawl into a flower or inside of a tree inspires many of her pieces. Tish brings this feeling of intimacy with nature and whimsical fantasy to each of her pieces.


Drawing and painting these microcosms in her youth was enhanced with her study of Agriculture at Purdue University. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree, Tish expanded her studies and achieved a Master of Art Degree. Throughout her career, Tish has enjoyed teaching. She has taught in the public schools, local colleges and at the university level. Students fill her classes as she demonstrates an ability to inspire through words and her own art.

Since 1987, the desire to live surrounded by natural beauty led Tish to Colorado where she enjoys exploring distant mountains and also continues to look and paint up close. Her work has drawn the attention of many private collectors for whom she has created commissioned pieces. Each piece expresses the individuality of the clients while still inviting one to take a private journey.

He Walks, 46x22, oil
He Walks

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